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Avoiding Hiring Mistakes for Small Businesses – A Raizor's Edge entrepreneurial podcast series by Allon Raiz

The Successful Pitch

Forget everything you’ve been taught about pitching your business — you’re doing it wrong.

To achieve success as an entrepreneur in business, you need to be able to pitch your business to clients and investors. Without a polished pitch, you’re wasting time and potentially risk losing future funding.

Over the next 52 weeks, join Allon Raiz in his new bite-sized podcast series as he walks you through preparing the perfect pitch.

All Episodes

Ep.52 What would you do with $100 Million

Ep.51 Is your market growing or declining?

Ep.50 Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Ep.49 What keeps you up at night?

Ep.48 Defensive moats and strategies

Ep.47 Founders are the biggest risk

Ep.46 Indirect Competitors

Ep.45 Letters of intent

Ep.44 Next ten hires

Ep.43 Attract and retain skills

Ep.42 The mitigants

Ep.41 Minimum viable funding

Ep.40 Where is more margin?

Ep.39 What Do You Need The Money For

Ep.38 Best Worst Most Probable

Ep.37 Competition is coming

Ep.36 Units are better than revenue

Ep.35 The exit opportunity

Ep.34 What kind of return will you give us?

Ep.33 Who else is doing something similar?

Ep.32 Smile

Ep.31 A strong ending

Ep.30 Start with the “Aha!” moment

Ep.29 Don’t sound rehearsed

Ep.28 Never use “I think”

Ep.27 Consistent facts

Ep.26 No two audiences are the same

Ep.25 Easy to understand reference point

Ep.24 Solve a problem

Ep.23 Avoid technical language

Ep.22 Use pictures instead of words

Ep.21 Always ask for what you want

Ep.20 Listen, pause, then answer

Ep.19 Deeply passionate about your product

Ep.18 Always bring a backup copy of your presentation

Ep.17 Always check the equipment

Ep.16 Learn to
use a clicker

Ep.15 Never read
your slides

Ep.14 8 to 15 slides in your pitch

Ep.13 Dress appropriately for your audience

Ep.12 Keep your models simple

Ep.11 Percentage of market share

Ep.10 Pitch

Ep.9 Research the ideal investor

Ep.8 Operations knowledge is crucial

Ep.7 Low margins equal low investor appetite

Ep.6 Market-related

Ep.5 Tell them about the competition

Ep.4 Tell them about
the risks

Ep.3 Sell your experience, sell your team

Ep.2 Take notes when investors speak

Ep.1 The deal is not expressed upfront

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