We work with corporates to create bespoke ESD, SLP and CSI solutions, offer entrepreneurial-culture building to enhance business agility, and more . . .


Enterprise & supplier development (ESD)

Our experience allows us craft ESD strategies that deliver not only the required B-BBEE points but also strategic value. Our programmes create real – and more importantly – sustainable impact on the entrepreneurs who are supported and scaled through corporate ESD budgets.

Enterprise development

Raizcorp assists corporates to strategically and effectively deploy ED funds in a way that creates real, sustainable impact while at the same time serving the corporate’s long-term strategy. We are renowned globally for our ability to expeditiously develop and implement tailored ED programmes. We can design programmes that:

Enterprise development - Raizcorp business incubator - community

Support local communities

Support specific groups such as women and youth

Link ED to supplier-development objectives to ensure a healthy pipeline into supplier-development programmes

Our range of programmes is designed for the different stages of the entrepreneur’s lifecycle, including: introducing entrepreneurs to the concept of business, and helping them develop their ideas into executable businesses; helping entrepreneurs take their business ideas to the first level of commercialisation; assisting entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground and start generating revenue; getting entrepreneurs to the next level of business, especially those who have the potential to create more jobs.

Supplier development

Raizcorp assists corporates to create SD programmes that speak directly to their business needs. Many corporates experience difficulty in effectively linking their SD budgets to a substantial and sustainable preferential-procurement impact on their B-BBEE scorecards. Raizcorp assists corporates to devise long-term strategies that create meaningful transformation in their supply chains allowing them to:

Identify candidate businesses with the potential to be included in supply chains, and groom them for supply chain partnerships

Address the need and benefit from the B-BBEE focus on SD allowing corporates to increase the number and quality of existing and potential new black-owned companies in their supply chains

Distinguish between non-performing or under-performing black suppliers currently on supplier databases, and identify performing black suppliers who have specific growth needs

Move black suppliers from non-strategic and non-capital-intensive elements of a supply chain (low barrier to entry) to the strategic and capital-intensive element of a supply chain (high barrier to entry)

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