Raizors Edge Podcast

Raizor's Edge Podcast

Allon Raiz speaks and lectures to audiences and business schools across the globe. His organisation, Raizcorp, has spent the past two decades incubating over 13 000 entrepreneurial businesses. His exposure to thousands of entrepreneurial journeys, as well as his own, has resulted in an unmatched depth of experience in the field of entrepreneurship. Raizor’s Edge is devoted to entrepreneurs at various stages of their journeys who may use these conversations as a catalyst to solving a problem, as an affirmation of a strategy or for more insight and additional knowledge. Each discussion is a no sugar-coated ode to entrepreneurs; each expresses the entrepreneurial journey as it is – warts and all!



Blue Heart Series

Blue Heart Series RAIZOR'S EDGE

According to academic research, there is no single psychological typology or set of characteristics that guarantees an entrepreneur’s success. Allon highlights six characteristics shared by many successful entrepreneurs.