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Who is the ideal Raizcorp SEED licensee?

We are looking for reputable, caring and financially sound licensees who can use their networks, capital and local market insights to drive our model of entrepreneurial development and growth. To determine if there is a fit with a potential licensee, Raizcorp will examine his or her organisation’s strategy, values, commitment, network, reputation, financial means and ability to help sell or create markets.

We are actively seeking SEED licensees in
(If you are from another country, please do enquire)

Raizcorp business incubator Botswana licensees


Kenya business incubator Botswana licensees


Morocco business incubator Botswana licensees


Namibia business incubator Botswana licensees


Namibia business incubator Botswana licensees


The business case for a Raizcorp SEED licensee

Below are just a few of the reasons to embark on a Raizcorp SEED licensing agreement.

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Our ideal licensee

What our licensees have to say

Dr Shingi Munyeza Raizcorp Zimbabwe licensee

Dr Shingi Munyeza

| Chairperson of Vinal Investments & Raizcorp Zimbabwe licensee

“Setting up Raizcorp Zimbabwe appeals to my drive to help rebuild Zimbabwe in a sustainable way. Raizcorp has been a phenomenal support as I have identified local opportunities for enterprise, supplier and community development.”

Managing director of Tree Consulting & Raizcorp Mozambique licensee

Raimundo Zandamela

| Managing director of Tree Consulting & Raizcorp Mozambique licensee

“Having Raizcorp’s 20 years of experience behind me as I set up Raizcorp Mozambique has been a huge comfort. The systems and processes Raizcorp has developed over two decades have been invaluable in ensuring that the incubation we carry out in Mozambique is done in a credible and impactful manner.”