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Marketing to entrepreneurs

Event sponsorship opportunities

Raizcorp works with corporate sponsors to develop and bring to market events for entrepreneurs at various stages of their business lifecycles. Sponsoring such events is a unique opportunity for our corporate partners to expose their brands and products to an entrepreneurial target market.

Pitch & Polish

This nationwide pitching competition and workshop programme trains participants on how to pitch their businesses to increase their chances of obtaining funding or investment.

Audience size

± 3 000

Towns or cities

10 per year



R18.5 million

Sponsorship opportunities

Naming rights



1 of 2 available


10 of 10 available

COVID-19 considerations

Pitch & Polish is being reformatted into a live digital pitching competition.

Some current & previous clients

Engen, Nedbank, Sasol, Caxton, etc.

Marketing to entrepreneurs - Pitch and Polish - Raizcorp business incubator
Pitch & Polish

Shift Questions

Corporates can invite staff or entrepreneurs to this one-day workshop – a life-changing process of how to see the world differently and solve problems differently.

Successful entrepreneurs think differently and find creative solutions to problems. This ability starts with asking the right questions.

Audience size

50 per day max

Towns or cities



Sponsorship opportunities

Naming rights

Per instance

COVID-19 considerations

Shift Questions is now available in a digital format.


Some current & previous clients

Sanlam, Old Mututal, Nedbank, etc.

 Marketing to entrepreneurs - Shift Questions workshop - Raizcorp business incubator
Shift Questions

Product branding opportunities

If you are looking for branded products that have high utility and will be used on an ongoing basis, our range of Inspire products is ideal. Corporates can use them as client giveaways, gifts and prizes and for conference goody bags.

Inspiration packs

Inspire offers different inspiration and pitch packs for various audiences. Packs feature 52 cards with advice, daily instructions, exercises and the like to enhance the entrepreneurial journey. Over 60 000 packs sold globally.

Nedbank - Inspiration Pack


A refreshing combination of education and art, our quirky Inspire posters explore different styles of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial scenarios in a humorous and fun way to leave the entrepreneurial brain pondering for hours.

Engen Poster


Inspire offers books by Allon Raiz which provide advice and inspiration for entrepreneurs and those who wish to think more entrepreneurially. We can brand these with your logo for use as corporate gifts or motivational tools for staff and clients.

Engen Book

Talks and workshops

A locally and globally renowned speaker who has spoken at the World Economic Forum, among others, Allon Raiz offers a series of talks and workshops for corporate teams or clients which relate to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking.


Allon’s talks include, among others, Lose the Business Plan, What to Do When You Want to Give Up, Perspectives on Failure, Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs, Dancing for Sharks & Dragons, Fostering Entrepreneurship and Why Small Businesses Fail. He can also create a bespoke talk for your organisation.


Through a dynamic workshop environment, Allon works with corporates to help build an entrepreneurial culture within the organisation, and to shift and change established patterns of thinking in order to find alternative solutions to problems and recognise new opportunities when they present themselves.