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Raizcorp is considered a maverick and pioneer in supporting the growth of small- and medium-sized businesses. Our business-development methodology is globally recognised.

Who is Raizcorp?

Established in 2000, Raizcorp was created to grow and develop entrepreneurs in different contexts and in different stages of their lifecycles. Raizcorp has since evolved into different divisions that service the specific needs of entrepreneurs and those who support them.

Raizcorp is according to The Economist, the only genuine business incubator in Africa. However, we prefer to think of ourselves as a Prosperator™ rather than an incubator. We provide business support for enthusiastic and growth-hungry entrepreneurs, offering them a platform that fosters learning, and guidance that can be translated into practical business success.

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Our philosophy

Although Raizcorp resists the term “social enterprise” it has often been described as one owing to its philosophical approach to all new business. Raizcorp will not pursue any new opportunities unless the two criteria below are satisfied:

Impact of business incubator rural programmes, Enterprise development programmes, Supplier development programme.

Our purpose is to support and develop high-potential entrepreneurs and those within the entrepreneurial ecosystem to become sustainable and highly profitable. We will not pursue any potential new business that does not provide the opportunity for creating genuine impact. Impact could mean sustainability of the business, it could mean increased employment, it could mean improved skills, or it could mean improved profitability.

It is our strong philosophical belief is that only for-profit organisations can authentically support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial businesses to become profitable. Raizcorp is therefore a proudly for-profit organisation and we pursue only those opportunities that are able to generate sustainable profit in the medium to long run. One hundred per cent of the profit we generate is reinvested into growing the business so that we can sustainably create an increasing amount of impact in the world.

Contexts in which we operate

Raizcorp’s programmes are offered in three different socio-economic environments.

Business incubator socio economic environments programmes


The urban context usually comprises high levels of economic activity, high levels of available skills and a complex supporting entrepreneurial ecosystem. As such, the Raizcorp models generally used in the urban context are Prosperators, Technibators and schools.

Business incubator enterprise development programmes


These are usually smaller towns with low yet significant economic activity, a lower abundance of skills and a rudimentary entrepreneurial support ecosystem. Raizcorp generally makes use of its Prosperator, Beacon and school models in this type of context.

Business incubator rural programmes, Enterprise development programmes, Supplier development programme.


The rule of thumb is more rural areas have lower levels of economic activity, skills are scarce and there is a very limited entrepreneurial support ecosystem. Raizcorp offers the Beacon and Distance models in these areas. watch Video 1 | Video 2  | Video 3 to see what we are doing in Tanzania.