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We support entrepreneurs to grow profitable and sustainable business models through sponsored development programmes or equity partnerships.


The power of Raizcorp at your side

Raizcorp was founded by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs. Raizcorp programmes have been designed to practically support entrepreneurs through their entrepreneurial journeys. We have made hundreds of millionaires, not by asking them to read books and write tests, but rather by working with them in a practical yet programmatic way to build their businesses brick by brick, process by process, employee by employee and customer by customer. We have an incredibly high success rate in growing businesses and this is because we choose the best of the best. They are not those with the best business plans but rather the entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams who have the highest level of Blue Heart.

What to expect if you are selected

Each entrepreneur who applies goes through a selection process to ascertain, firstly, if they have what we believe is Blue Heart and, secondly, if they will fit with a Raizcorp programme. Once selected, entrepreneurs are taken through a process which has been honed for over 21 years to give their businesses the highest chance of success.

Raizcorp solutions for entrepreneurs

Raizcorp is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs during their different phases of growth. We do this in various ways . . .

Raizcorp solutions for entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur has a unique set of personal circumstances and business needs that require a different approach. We have designed three approaches to cater for your specific needs as you build a sustainably profitable and scalable business.

Raizcorp Sponsored programmes

Sponsored programmes

Through our Arize division, Raizcorp supports entrepreneurs, who meet B-BBEE and other criteria, with a range of bursary programmes designed for various stages of the entrepreneurial journey. We also offer industry-specific programmes, such as for the diamond or ICT industries. If you’re an entrepreneur, please look through the available bursaries to find one that is right for you and your business.
Partner Elite - Equity partnerships

Equity partnerships

Raizcorp’s Partner Elite division partners with entrepreneurs in specified industries to support their businesses to scale by providing support, access to markets and funding where necessary. With 21 years of experience in scaling businesses, we have built an ecosystem of likeminded CEOs in Partner Elite, who have been through your journey personally and who actively help one another to succeed.
Henley Business School

Academic programmes

Raizcorp and Henley Business School are offering a joint programme designed to strengthen business knowledge and management skills, introduce various tools and processes, and deepen personal mastery. An accredited NQF level 5 qualification, it is suitable for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs, among others.


As part of our commitment to enhancing and supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Raizcorp offers bespoke and informative events to equip entrepreneurs with practical knowledge to help navigate the entrepreneurial path. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these events are digital and free.

Deep Dive Series

Deep Dive is a series of in-depth conversations between Raizcorp CEO Allon Raiz, Spartan SME Finance CEO Kumaran Padayachee and Digital Planet CEO Mark Levy. Deep Dive explores day-to-day entrepreneurial dilemmas in an authentic, thoughtful way.

Public Masterclasses

Open and free to the public, Raizcorp’s Masterclasses see business and entrepreneurship experts talking about a range of topics. Previous guests have included the head of culture at King Price, the merchandise director of Builders Warehouse and the founder of Nando’s.

Pitch & Polish

A hugely popular annual national pitching workshop and competition programme, from 2021 the Pitch & Polish programme has gone digital with 16 contestants competing for the ultimate pitching prize worth R1 million! Watch all the action on www.pitchandpolish.com.

Standard offering for entrepreneurs 

The entrepreneurs on Raizcorp’s programmes receive access to a range of support and development tools which we have dubbed the Raizcorp Value Stack.

Raizcorp Sponsored programmes

Access to infrastructure

Business infrastructure is expensive and often not ideally located. As part of our programmes, entrepreneurs have access to our offices, boardrooms, IT and front-desk infrastructure, and the use of our hot-desking facilities. They can also rent offices on a month-to-month basis. The true benefit of using Raizcorp’s infrastructure is that clients and potential clients can interact with entrepreneurs in a professional context.
Partner Elite - Equity partnerships

Access to specialists

Growing businesses reach a point when they need specialist services in areas such as tax, human resources and law. Entrepreneurs are often unsure of which specialists to engage with who are cost effective and experts in their fields. We have a panel of various specialists for entrepreneurs to choose from, and they provide their services to businesses on our programmes at special rates.
Henley Business School

Back-office support

Small businesses need certain staff resources to grow. However, many small businesses cannot afford such resources or cannot make full enough use of them to make it cost effective to employ the staff full time. In many cases, businesses do without a bookkeeper or receptionist which can have a negative impact. As part of our programmes, we provide access to our professional staff including receptionists, bookkeepers and hospitality hostesses who are always ready to assist.
Raizcorp Sponsored programmes

Access to markets

We understand the importance of market access for growing businesses. For this reason, we have developed a number of different channels to markets for our entrepreneurs. These range from access to over 500 businesses on our current programmes and over 13 500 alumni businesses, to direct access to large corporate supply chains and more.
Partner Elite - Equity partnerships

Business guidance

Each entrepreneur receives a team of entrepreneurial guides who act as “mentors” on strategy, finance, marketing, sales and personal development. Our guides are regarded as the crème de la crème of business mentors. They are carefully selected and highly trained to provide entrepreneurs with the high-quality experience and interactions they need to help move their businesses to the next level.
Henley Business School

Access to finance

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any growing business and entrepreneurs are always searching for ways to access more finance at the right time. Although Raizcorp itself does not offer funding, we provide our entrepreneurs with access to a network of finance institutions that cater for the needs of entrepreneurial businesses. Participating on a Raizcorp programme increases the entrepreneur’s chances of accessing this finance.
Raizcorp Sponsored programmes

Entrepreneurial learning

Successful entrepreneurs are lifelong learners who are obsessed with obtaining information and skills that will unlock their entrepreneurial potential. Raizcorp provides an approved and recognised practical learning curriculum for both entrepreneurs and their staff. The curriculum includes entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, finance and personal development to ensure entrepreneurs have every opportunity to supplement their gaps and areas for growth.
Raizcorp Sponsored programmes

Raizcorp magic – our community

The entrepreneurial journey can be very lonely. As part of our community, entrepreneurs are in the perfect position to interact with other business owners, and draw strength and inspiration from one another. In this environment, entrepreneurs can harness synergy and ensure that serendipity flourishes.