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20 Lessons in 20 Years – A Raizor's Edge entrepreneurial podcast series by Allon Raiz

20 lessons over 20 years

Over the past 20 years, Raizcorp CEO Allon Raiz has learned many tough lessons and overcome many entrepreneurial challenges. He has also had the privilege of learning from the journeys of over 13 500 entrepreneurs who have passed through Raizcorp. In this podcast series, Allon shares 20 of the most important lessons he has learned which he wishes he had known before starting his journey.

Using a sequence that mirrors the typical stages of the entrepreneurial journey from ideation through to scaling a business, Allon talks us through these lessons.

All Episodes

Ep.20 Legacy

Ep.19 Succession – It’s hiding in your business

Ep.18 Complacency – The rule of doubling efforts

Ep.17 Our journey towards becoming unimportant

Ep.16 Lack of rhythmic, well-designed meetings

Ep.15 The lazy vision statement

Ep.14 Delegation vs abdication

Ep.13 Fear of conflict

Ep.12 Disregard for process

Ep.11 Developing a competitive mindset

Ep.10 Hiring Mistakes

Ep.9 Getting the size of your premises right

Ep.8 Lack of financial Discipline

Ep.7 Lack of financial understanding

Ep.6 Surviving Customer Abuse

Ep.5 The False Start

Ep.4 Misunderstanding pivot

Ep.3 Insufficient financial runway

Ep.2 Is there really a market?

Ep.1 Am I really an entrepreneur?

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