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Navigating Extreme Change — With Allon Raiz - Raizcorp Podcast

Navigating Extreme Change — With Allon Raiz

The Navigating Extreme Change podcasts are based on a series of articles written by Allon Raiz during the COVID-19 lockdown. The concept of change management is not new. However, extreme change resulting from an external force brings to the fore the substantial friction between the need to change and an organisation’s ability to change. Allon explores the balance required to successfully navigate a path between necessary change and the practicalities surrounding that change, offering advice and insights on how this can be achieved.

All Episodes

Ep.5 Asking the
correct questions

Ep.4 Zooming

Ep.3 Scenario planning as a tool to order chaos

Ep.2 Building Your Opportunity

Ep.1 Get To
Rational Quickly

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