Shawn Danisa | SoImagine Systems

Shawn Danisa | SoImagine Systems

Programme sponsor: Oracle and Toshiba

“I’ve been able to dream far beyond my previous dreams”

Shawn Danisa, owner of SoImagine Systems, believes that technology is the future. “We are a software-development company. Many businesses spend a lot of time on manual and repetitive tasks. In addition, they spend more time trying to compile and consolidate data into meaningful reports so they can make the right decisions.  SoImagine develops software that eliminates silos by integrating multiple systems into a single source of truth, automates repetitive, manual tasks and provides reports at a click of a finger,” Shawn explains.

One of the biggest challenges SoImagine has faced is a lack of trust. As an unknown name in the industry, customers are nervous about whether or not SoImagine will deliver on promises. “Trust was definitely an issue,” he says.

In 2020, Shawn was selected to take part in a Toshiba-Oracle sponsored business-development programme. Powered by Raizcorp, the programme allowed Shawn to start thinking out of the box. “To get one foot in the door, I’d have to give new clients a look and feel of a prototype. Once these sold, I was able to secure larger contracts,” he says. Through personal guiding (mentoring), he learned to be more aware of the resources available to him. “I’ve been able to dream far beyond my previous dreams. So much more is possible than I thought,” he says.

This has allowed his business to grow. His profit has increased and he’s employed an additional three staff members. To other aspiring entrepreneurs he says, “The rewards you get as an entrepreneur far outweigh those you get in a workplace – don’t give up.”

In a message to his sponsors, Shawn says, “Thank you for not only focusing on the business and the profits, but also on my personal growth as an entrepreneur. You really care about all aspects. Thank you for this opportunity. My team, my business and I have greatly benefited from this experience. You have changed my life.”