Sebo Mashishi | Magoshi Consultancy

Sebo Mashishi | Magoshi Consultancy

Programme sponsor: Johnson Matthey

“Overcoming my fears has really pushed my business to the next level”

In 2006, at the young age of 20, Sebo Mashishi ventured into the life of entrepreneurship and started Magoshi Consultancy. “I grew up with a father who was a businessman, and that love for business transferred,” Sebo says. Sebo’s business builds roads, schools and pipelines in the government sector; and, in the private sector, focuses more on construction in the mining industry.

Sebo faced many challenges in the early years of his business. “The biggest thing was that I was so young and didn’t know what I was doing. I made all the wrong decisions while I was trying to learn the ropes – it was still playtime for me,” he says. “Financials, funding and dealing with banks was also a challenge. I honestly had no idea what went into a business to make it successful. It’s not all about the money you make. You have to think about marketing, HR, equipment management. . . the list is endless!” he adds.

In 2021, Magoshi Consultancy was accepted on to a Johnson Matthey sponsored business-development programme. The programme offers him access to learning and guiding (mentoring) sessions. “I’ve learned a lot, the most important for me being the financial side of business,” he says. “The sessions with my finance guide have really broadened my understanding of numbers. We’ve really gone deep; it’s not just about money in and out of the bank account.” After just six months on the programme, Sebo’s average monthly turnover increased by 87%.

Sebo’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to not give in to fear. “You need to be able to deal with your fears in business, no matter what industry you’re in. Overcoming my fears has really pushed my business to the next level.”

He has a heartfelt message for his sponsor on the programme. “I am very much appreciative for this opportunity. I didn’t think it would help me as much as it has. It has brought so much value to my business. It is allowing me to create sustainable jobs into the future. The on-the-job learning and support I have received has been out of this world. No business school anywhere would give you the same kind of support.”