Sashendrin Naidoo | BK Steel and Profiles

Sashendrin Naidoo | BK Steel and Profiles

Programme sponsor: Volkswagen

“Everything I’ve implemented has benefited my business”

Sashendrin Naidoo grew up working in his family’s business, BK Steel and Profiles. Established by his late father in 1995, Sashendrin joined the business fulltime in 2016. BK Steel and Profiles supplies steel to the automotive and construction sector. In 2019, Sashendrin expanded his offering to include profiling, a section of the business that cuts mild steel plates to customer specifications. “I was learning on a trial-and-error basis. I didn’t know much about the cutting business,” he says.

Help came in the form of a Volkswagen business-development programme. Through the Raizcorp-powered learning and guiding (mentoring) sessions, he learned how to draft management accounts and his financial acumen improved. He says the personal development guiding helped him immensely. “I’ve always been hard on myself but what I learned was that if you do not take care of your wellbeing, your business won’t be well either,” he says.

He has also learned how to manage people better. “My leadership skills have improved and we have created new systems that have improved our workflow and productivity,” he says. “What I have learned about marketing while on the programme has been very insightful. Everything I’ve implemented has benefited my business.”

His advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? “Be mindful of the fact that business is an emotional rollercoaster – there are a lot of ups and downs.  Don’t take your eye off the ball. Be persistent and you will persevere.”

In a message to his Volkswagen, Sashendrin says, “I want to thank the team I have been working with – I really enjoy our sessions. My compliance is up to the standard I’ve always dreamed of and I’ve become a better leader and a better businessman.”