Portia Ngakane |GauSHEQ Services (Pty) Ltd

Portia Ngakane | GauSHEQ Services (Pty) Ltd

Programme sponsor: DSV Shared Services

I am now able to pitch my business whether I have one minute, ten minutes or an hour

Established in 2019, GauSHEQ Services is a 100% female-owned entity specialising in safety, health, environmental and quality (SHEQ) services. “I have 15 years of experience in this industry. While I was formally employed, I realised there was a gap – companies do not understand the value of ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation),” she explains. “I needed to educate them and show them the value of being certified for these different standards.”

When she first started, she struggled to get her foot in the door. Thankfully, many of her clients were sourced from the suppliers she dealt with when she was employed. Portia also battled to understand her finances.

In 2020, GauSHEQ Services was fortunate enough to be selected for a DSV Shared Services business-development programme, powered by Raizcorp. Portia attended learning and guiding (mentoring) sessions that helped her structure her business. “I learned to formalise my business and make it more professional. I had been looking at my business as a small thing but Raizcorp changed my perception,” she says. Portia has increased her team from a one-person-band to a full complement of consultants.

Her financial understanding has changed too. “I knew nothing about debits and credits – now I understand my financials better,” she says happily. Learning how to pitch correctly increased her confidence. “I had to practice how to present my business. I am now able to pitch my business whether I have one minute, ten minutes or an hour,” she says.

“Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs. When you want to give up, it is helpful to have someone who understands what the entrepreneurial journey is like,” she advises other entrepreneurs.

To her sponsor she says, “A very big thank you for allowing me this opportunity. All the learning I have received from Raizcorp has changed my life and the way I run my business.”