Phuti Molokomme | Growth Edge Construction Group

Phuti Molokomme | Growth Edge Construction Group

Programme sponsor: Shell

“I understand how a business works now, and how to grow one”

In 2014, Phuti Molokomme was employed and frustrated. To try close the gap, he registered for his master’s degree. It didn’t work but reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter gave him the push he needed. “I was able to identify who I am, what I want and what I want to achieve,” Phuti says. In 2016, Growth Edge Construction was founded. “I found my passion and six years later, here we are,” he says.

As most businesses do, Growth Edge experienced some challenges when it opened its doors. “Once I registered the business, it was a question of where do I go from here? The biggest challenge was getting customers in, and that strategy was not clearly defined,” Phuti says. He continues, “When I did get a customer in, carrying that responsibility of someone who was willing to give me an opportunity was a big thing to have.”

Shortly after Growth Edge was founded, Phuti was selected for a Shell business-development programme. Powered by Raizcorp, this programme afforded him the opportunity to receive learning and guiding (mentorship) to grow his business. “Stepping through the doors of Raizcorp was an eye-opener – and those eye-openers have kept on coming! I learned about forecasts, USPs, policies and service offerings. I understand how a business works now, and how to grow one,” he says.

His advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to follow their dreams. “It is going to be difficult but stay focused on what you want to achieve. Set yourself objectives that will help you see your growth instead of just walking in the dark,” he says. “Thank you so much, Shell. Your sponsorship is the reason I am where I am today. I have been able to take steps in the right direction and grow my business because you chose to develop my business.”