Nondumiso Zulu |Exceptional Women in Tech

Nondumiso Zulu | Exceptional Women in Tech

Programme sponsor: PNET and Oracle

“This programme changed my life, my mindset and the fate of my business”

Exceptional Women in Tech (EWIT) works with software-development companies to ensure the quality while software is being developed. “We do software solutions. Our services include functional testing, mobile testing, deployment testing, performance testing and exploratory testing,” says owner Nondumiso Zulu. Her business is also working on a number of software products that aim to solve real-world problems.

Nondumiso started EWIT with the vision of women coming together as a force in technology. “I was looking to make an impact while empowering women. I want women to be recognised in the technology space,” she says. “The biggest challenge I had when I started was funding and cashflow issues. I had to fund the business from my own pocket. With this state of affairs, I didn’t grow my business much and became stuck. I had no business training to get myself out of a difficult situation. I knew I was suffocating after I started the business, but I didn’t know what to do to move forward,” she says.  

Thanks to PNET and Oracle, Nondumiso was selected to take part in a business-development programme powered by Raizcorp. “I was in a completely different world. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the knowledge I have acquired,” she says. Nondumiso refined her vision to align with her personal values.

She learned how to handle hard situations. “I realised I was busy finding funds for a business that needed to be funding me. I learned to do costings and cut down all unnecessary expenses,” she says. “If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, learning and growth is vital,” she emphasises.

To her sponsors, she says, “I’m really grateful for having been given this opportunity. This programme changed my life, my mindset and the fate of my business. Thank you so much.”