Moshe Mokgosi | Auto Blue Oils and Projects

Moshe Mokgosi | Auto Blue Oils and Projects

Programme sponsor: Babcock

I was taught the importance of having systems and processes as well as how to be a growth entrepreneur

Moshe Mokgosi of Auto Blue Oils and Projects started his business because he saw an opportunity in the waste lubricants space. His entrepreneurial spirit came from his mother.  “Growing up, my mother would encourage me to sell things instead of asking her for money for the things I wanted,” Moshe reflects. He took her advice to heart and set up a spot in Orlando East, Soweto, selling tailpipes on the weekends.  

Growing his business to what it is today had its challenges. Now an oil-recycling company, he struggled with working capital and stock – used oil was hard to come by on a regular basis. “A place to operate was also a challenge. So was compliance. Our industry is very big on compliance,” he says.  

Help came when Moshe was selected to take part in a Babcock-sponsored business-development programme, powered by Raizcorp. Moshe received access to learning and guiding (mentoring) while on the programme. “Having that guidance was like having a constant sounding board and cheerleading team,” Moshe explains. He learned about financial aspects such as VAT registration and management accounts, sales and marketing and strategy development, among other things. “I was taught the importance of having systems and processes, as well as how to be a growth entrepreneur. Raizcorp gave us the confidence to follow our vision and to build our business from the bottom up,” he says. “We’ve improved our overall compliance,” he continues. 

Since joining the Babcock programme, Auto Blue Oils has bought new, branded trucks. He has increased his staff by six – four temporary and two permanent.  

To aspiring entrepreneurs, Moshe’s advice is, “It is very important to have a vision and focus. This will sustain you during tough times and help you reach your final destination faster.” 

In a message to his sponsor he says, “Ke leboha ho menahane. There are no other words to use. Thank you for placing a bet on me. Your help in assisting us to grow our business certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. I will forever be indebted to you.”