Michael Mthimunye | Lindithemba Transport

Michael Mthimunye | Lindithemba Transport

Programme sponsor: Vergenoeg Mining Company

“I gained skills and knowledge that I wasn’t even aware I needed”

In the town of eMalahleni, Michael Mthimunye is doing his part to keep the community moving. The owner of Lindithemba Transport, Michael’s business transports schoolchildren and staff to and from their destinations. With a fleet of taxis and a bus, Michael also offers his clientele long-distance trips.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Lindithemba Transport ran into financial problems. He needed to buy a new vehicle but inconsistent cashflow hindered him from making regular payments. “I have a passion for this business. When I have a problem, I don’t give up,” he says.

Being on a Vergenoeg Mining Company business-development programme was a big help to him. Powered by Raizcorp, the programme gave him access to learning and guiding (mentoring) which taught him imperative business skills. “On the Vergenoeg programme I gained skills and knowledge that I wasn’t even aware I needed, like how to do a budget forecast,” he says. “I also learned that you need to build your business to a point where it can run even if you are not there.”

In the early days of his business, Michael ran the business on his own with a team of six drivers. Since being on the Vergenoeg programme, he has started thinking like an entrepreneur. By creating a middle management layer and delegating some of the tactical functions like office administration, Lindithemba Transport has grown in leaps and bounds. “Now I have a laptop and an admin lady who works for me. I’ve also employed two more drivers,” he says proudly.

Michael is a great source of upliftment for his community. Fully committed to achieving his targets, he made the long-term decision to reinvest in his business by building a bus depot. Here, he creates employment by hiring a mechanic, as well as local youth on an ad hoc basis to wash his vehicles. The local motor spares shop receives regular support from Lindithemba Transport.

With his company flourishing and his community thriving, Michael is happy to share the news that he is now ready to marry his fiancé. A true happy ending.