Lethumusa Kulube | Stractiv8 Impact

Lethumusa Kulube | Stractiv8 Impact

Programme sponsor: DMS Powders

“Consistently doing the work will bring your vision to life”

Inspired by her lifelong interest in work that creates social impact, Lethumusa Kulube started Stractiv8 Impact in 2017.  Her business provides communications and digital marketing services to organisations like NPOs, foundations and higher-education institutions. “I spent over a decade in formal employment using the time to build a broad skillset. When I believed the timing was right and I had the courage, I took the leap. After all, I’d much rather look back and see failure than regret!” Lethumusa says.

Naturally, as a first-time business owner, Lethumusa faced some challenges when she started out. She says, “Basic principles were a learning curve – market research, business finance and sales were some of my earlier hurdles. Also, starting out with no track record was a challenge. I had to work hard to show the value I could offer to my clients.”

In 2019, Lethumusa was selected for a business-development programme sponsored by DMS Powders. Powered by Raizcorp, the programme offers learning and guiding (mentoring). “I have learned so much on the programme,” Lethumusa says. “Most important to me is what I have learned about committing to the journey. Consistently doing the work will bring your vision to life; and never being afraid to ask for clarity or support. These things have kept me going in the right direction.

Since joining the programme, Stractiv8 Impact has started employing several new staff members and turnover has increased by over 600%.

Her advice to other entrepreneurs is, “While the vision of your business may help you navigate the strategy, embracing an attitude of learning while committing to consistency is what will keep the business moving forward.”

In a message to her sponsor, she has this to say, “Thank you for supporting the development of emerging businesses. The learning sessions and support that I have received from the guides has been of immense value, especially at the onset of Covid-19. They have helped me focus on work that allowed our business to grow sustainably. The lessons I have learned have been practical and meaningful.”