I started enjoying going to work

Lesego Kenosi | Boleng Mechanical Engineering

When I started working, it was really just about surviving. I studied engineering and had a long-term vision, so I was prepared to do whatever it took to gain experience in the right fields. I even worked a few jobs for nothing to get some on-the-job learning and training.

My career began in air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation, and later moved into facilities management. After ten years in facilities management, I had received a number of promotions and was the director of two companies. However, I felt as though I had reached a ceiling.

Eventually, I sat down and listed all the things I would need to start my own company. I decided to take the leap and resigned from my job. My family was very shocked so I knew I had to make it work.

The challenges I experienced in my new business began to put pressure on my personal life. When you’re part of a larger company, you’re a small part of something bigger with support behind you. When you’re on your own, you are everything and do everything alone. I couldn’t afford to hire people to help me, and I couldn’t purchase the tools and cars I needed. I battled to get credit and tap into a base of clients. I realised that, as much as you think you know, you sometimes need reminding of how to really do things. That’s why, after seeing something about Raizcorp on TV, I joined their programme.

Now that I am a part of the programme, I love it. I am here because I want to be here. The people who work with me and for me like the changes they see, both personally and professionally.

So far the biggest benefit to my company has been the improvement in cash flow. We focused on this to get things running more smoothly. We also concentrated on personal development and, all of a sudden, I started enjoying going to work every day. The change has been huge. My relationships with both my staff and my family have improved enormously.

As a result of the programme, my business has become more sustainable, more streamlined and more professional. We are now approaching larger clients and putting more effort into marketing. We are also exploring diversifying and increasing our service offering. The successful implementation of our learnings from Raizcorp is evident in our profit growth.

I am forever grateful to Bridgestone for sponsoring my second year on the programme. I truly appreciate the opportunity and all the support I’ve been given.