Ginen Moodley | Moodley Attorneys Incorporated

Ginen Moodley | Moodley Attorneys Incorporated

Programme sponsor: Shell

“The programme took me down to the nitty-gritty of understanding how a business works”

Ginen Moodley started his legal firm in 2013 when he saw a need for more competition in the corporate and commercial law space from individuals with historically disadvantaged backgrounds. “I was troubled by the fact that the legal landscape was dominated by law firms that had been in business for over 100 years because they do not do much to champion inclusion and only service an elite minority. I needed to change that,” Ginen says. Moodley Attorneys Incorporated provides legal support to business owners in all aspects of legal advisory, transactional, dispute resolution and estate planning.

Only 29 years old when he started his business, he found the biggest challenge he faced was finding the right clients. “Not too many people thought I could provide sound business and legal advice. Legal fees are seen as a grudge purchase so I had to work hard to educate and convince clients that legal services should be proactively engaged rather than reactionary.  I was also not well known in the industry and building my brand took time,” he says.

In 2018, Moodley Attorneys was selected for a Shell-sponsored business-development programme powered by Raizcorp. Thanks to the learning and guiding (mentoring) Ginen received on the programme, his business has reached new heights. He says, “I learned so many lessons but the most mind-bending lesson was in relation to the pricing of my services. Since being on the Shell-Raizcorp programme, I have almost doubled my revenue for each year from 2019 to 2021. I used to be a one-man army; now I have a team of four, plus two consultants,” he says proudly. “What Raizcorp instils in business owners applies in any environment which really helped get us through the pandemic,” he adds.

To other entrepreneurs, Ginen has these words of wisdom, “Have passion and purpose when you start your entrepreneurial journey. You must be willing to learn, be willing to find a solution for your client and be willing to sell it to them. Make sure you have a strong support system. “

In a message to his programme sponsor and Raizcorp he says, “I am truly indebted to Shell for giving me this opportunity. I will be forever grateful. I will take what Shell has given me and apply it to ensure I reach my targets and make a broader impact in my society. Thank you to the Raizcorp team for seeing the future, knowing what was needed and building it for us.