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Raizcorp ARIZE tailors ESD solutions

Need your ESD done right? Raizcorp creates bespoke solutions that deliver results!


Maximise your enterprise development, supplier development, and socio-economic activities

Raizcorp would love to work with you in co-creating an ESD strategy that is right for your company. We have worked with over 100 blue-chip companies to craft ESD strategies that deliver not only B-BBEE points but also strategic value as we create real – and more importantly – sustainable impact on the entrepreneurs who are supported and scaled through corporate ESD budgets.

We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you and, as a first step, would like to arrange a visit to your business by one of our highly trained solutions architects.

We are a 51% black-owned organisation with almost 20 years of experience, and a team of 130 people dedicated to serving both our clients and the entrepreneurial companies we develop.

100 percent Guarantee

We guarantee our results

Currently, the industry has many “fly-by-night” and “two-man-band” operations that promise the world, but don’t deliver results. We have almost two decades of experience and place strong emphasis on ensuring that all the requisite paperwork, proof and compliance documents are in place to ensure that your ESD budget does indeed achieve your B-BBEE points. All of our ESD programmes are designed to meet the requirements of the new B-BBEE codes.

We contractually guarantee our results for  contracts of ten or more entrepreneurs.


The Economist calls us the only
genuine incubator in Africa.

  • Our model has been presented at:
    – WEF in Davos
    – World Bank in Washington
    – Oxford University
  • The White House on behalf of Barak Obama invited us
    to present our model at the Global Entrepreneurship
    Summit in Kenya
  • Fast Company voted us as the 23rd most
    innovative company

We would love to hear from you. get in touch now. 

Phone: +27 11 566 2000

Email: info@raizcorp.com

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