Dumetse Masha |Tiisa Manufacturing

Dumetse Masha | Tiisa Manufacturing

Programme sponsor: Voith

“Strategy is very important in order for you to run your business”

Tiisa Manufacturing began its operations in 2013. As a construction company specialising in heavy steelworks, civil construction and light steel frame building. Owner Dumetse Masha faced several challenges in the beginning. “I had no experience in running a business. My business was small and I lacked capacity. My machines were too small and kept breaking down. My suppliers were too far away and receiving material took a long time. It meant I was delivering products to my clients late,” Dumetse says woefully.

With so many of the mines in his area needing steel components, Dumetse needed help fast. He was lucky enough to be selected for a Voith-sponsored business-development programme, powered by Raizcorp. During learning and guiding (mentoring) sessions, he learned a great deal about strategy and financial acumen. “Strategy is very important in order for you to run your business. Never having run my business on a set strategy, I didn’t know if I was doing well – if I was reaching my targets or not,” he says.  He’s updated his pricing and is more aware of his financials which has allowed him to make more informed decisions. When times got tough during the pandemic, the programme pulled him through. He says, “During the Covid-19 lockdown, the business was in really bad shape. With Raizcorp’s personal guiding, I gained the belief that things will turn around. It’s kept me going. I am so humbled to have received this opportunity. Thank you so much.”

This driven entrepreneur has the following advice for other entrepreneurs, “If you have worked on a strategy then all you need to do is trust the process. Entrepreneurship is a journey filled with learning opportunities – learn to define success for yourself and do not base it on someone else’s definition.”