Derick Kyd | Delcoley Diesel & Auto Electrical

Derick Kyd | Delcoley Diesel & Auto Electrical

Programme sponsor: Wood.

“The importance of all that you do for us as entrepreneurs helps make a big difference to South Africa.”

Delcoley Diesel & Auto Electrical offers mobile auto-electrical and diesel mechanical services, repairs and diagnostics for heavy duty vehicles. While the business operates in the East Rand of Gauteng, there is no callout too far for Delcoley to assist.

Having previously worked for a leading truck manufacturer, founder Derick Kyd knew that there was a market for an affordable mobile service. He says, “I saw that small fleet owners needed their vehicles attended to onsite as the cost for an OEM-trained technician to come out was expensive; the gap in the market was very clear. With my passion for trucks and keeping them on the road, I felt I had more to offer the automotive industry and the next step was to own my own business.”

Early on in his business journey, one of Derick’s biggest challenges was learning to separate his personal and business finances. “Learning that the money the business makes does not belong to me but to the business was a challenge,” he says.

As a result of participating in the Wood Comprehensive Enterprise Development (CED) programme, one of Derick’s biggest personal realisations has been how important it is for his business to reflect his integrity and passion for his vision. “Staying true to who I am is very important for the success and growth of my business,” he remarks.

On a more practical level, Derick has learned to keep a closer eye on his management accounts, enabling him to plan ahead, make the most of his resources through careful budgeting and increase profit margins.

Since Derick joined the programme in April 2020, Delcoley’s turnover has grown by 24%, an improvement that he attributes to the “sustainability bricks” he has been building. Sustainability bricks are process assets that he has developed for the business with the support of Raizcorp’s specialist entrepreneurial guides. The business has also acquired more advanced equipment, moved from operating in a backyard to more formal premises, and partnered with a towing service to bring in repair work.

Derick had been ready to give up when he was accepted on to the Wood programme. He took his acceptance as a sign that giving up was not an option, and is grateful for the support he received when the Covid-19 lockdown came into effect. “The team that I was given to guide me helped me stand up and reminded me why I started the business in the first place. The fact that my business was registered allowed me to apply for a permit because I am an essential service. Working with transporters on breakdowns of vehicles carried me through the lockdown,” he reports.

To Wood, Derick says, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring out my vision and give back to the automotive industry, South Africa and the world.” He goes on to thank his team at Raizcorp.