Claire Kivedo |Overall Events

Claire Kivedo | Overall Events

Programme sponsor: Volkswagen

“It has been an eye-opening experience”

Celebrating their 12th birthday in 2021, Overall Events is an events and communications company that assists organisations in engaging with various stakeholders on relevant platforms. “We create beautiful experiences that help clients connect with their communities. This could be in the form of workshops, launches, conferences, team-building events or even through digital platforms,” says owner, Claire Kivedo.

When Claire put the concept behind her business into action, her target was to create effective strategies that would enable businesses to build sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with internal and external stakeholders. “My biggest challenge was that I had no experience in running a business. The tools available to me at the time were ineffective and out of touch,” she says. “Opportunities to quote for work were hard to come by. Through trial and error, I came to realise that you can’t compete if you are not in the game.”

An opportunity to thrive presented itself when she was selected to join the Volkswagen business-development programme. “The programme has made my life as an entrepreneur so much easier, providing me with the skills I needed to grow my business. I wish I had been on it sooner!” Claire says.

Powered by Raizcorp, the programme taught Claire some valuable lessons to help her grow her business. “My number-one lesson was to not hide from the numbers. Looking at the numbers informs every decision. This positive impact has helped me reduce expenses and streamline my processes which, in turn, has increased our turnover,” she says. Her guides (mentors) at Raizcorp showed her their commitment towards her success as an entrepreneur and as a person. “They really cut to the chase of what needed to be done in my business and it has been an eye-opening experience,” Claire marvels.

And how did the Covid-19 pandemic affect Overall Events? “This programme was an invaluable tool and support structure through this tough period. It helped me navigate some pretty tricky and emotional challenges. We didn’t lose any staff – in fact, we hired someone,” she beams.

To other entrepreneurs, Claire advises not trying to figure everything out on your own. “If you have no experience in running a business, learn the importance of creating a short- and long-term strategy. Adapt and respond to needs in changing times, but don’t spread yourself too thinly!”

To Volkswagen, her sponsor on the programme, Claire enthusiastically says, “I am so grateful for this opportunity. It just keeps on giving me nuggets of gold every month. Thank you for supporting me with much needed guidance. Thank you for your trust in my abilities to keep on succeeding.”