Caroline Magau |Makhalemele Distributors (Pty) Ltd T/A MKL Distributors

Caroline Magau | Makhalemele Distributors (Pty) Ltd T/A MKL Distributors

Programme sponsor: Babcock and Modular Mining

“I am now a proud, independent businesswoman”

In 2018, Caroline Magau started her business with growth and change in mind. “I wanted to be independent, make money and make a change in my community,” she says. Suppliers of stationery, textbooks, cleaning materials and office equipment, the biggest challenge MKL Distributors faced early on was managing finances. Caroline had no systems in place and struggled to obtain funds. “Not having enough experience and no systems in place meant we couldn’t get a loan and cashflow was a problem,” Caroline explains.

In 2019, Caroline was fortunate enough to be selected for a business-development programme sponsored by Babcock-Modular Mining, powered by Raizcorp. “It helped me remember my worth and I became more assertive. I gained the strength to achieve my targets, manage my finances and I learned how to work with other people,” she said.

During her time on the programme, Caroline has experienced astounding growth. Her turnover has increased by 560% in one year. In addition, she now has two permanent and two part-time employees.

Having experienced such amazing growth, her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to be determined and always strive to do better. “It starts with you. Choose yourself and don’t let anyone determine your fate,” she says.

In a thank-you message to her programme sponsors, Caroline says, “I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be part of this programme because I am now a proud, independent businesswoman. My team at Raizcorp was the best – you have pushed me to understand my worth and abilities. I was given a second chance to accomplish my goals and I will not let you down!”