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Small Business Leadership_Episode 3

SERIES 7 • Episode 3


In episode 3, Allon discusses the importance of self-leadership as a successful entrepreneurial leader. He details four focus areas that one needs to understand before trying to lead others. One – Self-awareness: understand your own biases and what clouds your judgement. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and surround yourself with people you trust to fill the gaps. Two – Self-improvement: Great! Now you know where to improve, so do it! Create a plan of action and seek out critique and feedback. Three – Self-motivation: In seeking motivation, entrepreneurs need to look internally and not externally – Allon shares his unique way of motivating himself.  Four- Self-discipline wraps up these four concepts and pulls together how with clear thinking, entrepreneurs can easily say no an opportunity that does not actually serve them. The success to every leader, is self-leadership. 



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