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Lockdown advice for entrepreneurs


Allon Raiz CEO & Founder of Raizcorp Business Incubator

Advice from Allon Raiz

The scale of the national COVID-19 lockdown is unprecedented in living memory. The repercussions – personal, professional, national and international – will reverberate for years to come. As entrepreneurs, we need to be making the right decisions for right now to ensure that our businesses and our people’s livelihoods do not become another casualty of the virus. In this series of articles, Allon Raiz, CEO of  Raizcorp, shares his views and insights on weathering the storm and even thriving after it.

Advice from Jacqueline Allschwang

Advice from Jacqueline Allschwang

Jacqueline was formerly Raizcorp’s Guiding Quality Manager. With all of the chaos and uncertainty in the world right now, there are five critical self-leadership skills that we, as entrepreneurs and individuals, need to activate immediately. These five critical skills are: creativity; yearning for learning; resilience; adaptability; and proactive responsibility. These skills will help us lead ourselves through the crisis and survive the social, psychological and economic fallout.