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Raizcorp Post-Expo Evaluation

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Was this your first time representing Raizcorp at an event?*
Did you clearly understand why Raizcorp was exhibiting at this event?*
Was the relevant audience (Principal or entrepreneur) present?*
Apart from you, who from Raizcorp attended the event or expo?
Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeNeutral
The event was well run and organised.
The venue and its facilities were excellent.
Parking was ample and conveniently located.
As an exhibitor, it was simple for me to gain access to the venue.
Our stand was in the right location at the venue.
The quality of Principal / entrepreneur leads was excellent.
Overall, how satisfied were you with this expo?
Would you recommend that Raizcorp participate in this event again next year?*
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