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Small Business Leadership_Episode 4

SERIES 7 • Episode 4

Leading Strategy

As a small business leader do you know your why, your purpose for existence? Do you have a vision? Do you have a distinct strategy to reach that vision?

Many entrepreneurs start out with grand visions for their business but as time goes on this vision gets lost as the focus shifts to short-term monthly survival. Without purpose in your business, your why is hard to answer. Without your why, your vision is not clear and your strategic path cannot be plotted. With no strategy in place to reach your vision, you cannot anticipate what could go wrong (and things will go wrong!) Have you thought out your plan B, C and D? Are you aware of the resources realistically available to you? Can you respond to your changing environment quickly and efficiently, or are your employee’s losing confidence in you as a leader?

Smaller businesses feel the ripples of the environment more than bigger businesses and need to be more responsive to self-correct swiftly. Join Allon as he discusses why it is so important to have a clear strategy about the path we lead others along. Listen now.



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