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Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions
Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Enterprise developoment, supplier development and socio-economic development

Raizcorp collaborates with and offers support to more than 100 top-tier companies, aiding them with a range of entrepreneurial solutions. These encompass B-BBEE initiatives for enterprise and supplier development (ESD), tailor-made programs for diverse entrepreneurial groups (such as rural, female, youth, etc.), and services designed for corporate entities.

These services cater to fostering an entrepreneurial environment, offering an alternative to unemployment for retrenched employees, and assisting in marketing products and services to entrepreneurs.

B-BBEE Scorecard Solutions

Raizcorp’s Arize division offers innovative and highly effective solutions to meet the socio-economic, enterprise and supplier development challenges and opportunities that B-BBEE regulations create for South African businesses.

Corporate Solutions

Enterprise development (ED)

Arize helps corporates to strategically and effectively deploy their ED budgets to create real, sustainable impact while serving their long-term strategies. We are renowned for our ability to expeditiously develop and implement tailored ED programmes that can be designed to:

  • Support local communities
  • Support designated groups such as women and youth
  • Link to supplier-development objectives to ensure a healthy pipeline into supplier development programmes.
Corporate Solutions

Supplier development (SD)

Many corporates have difficulty in effectively linking their SD budgets to a substantial and sustainable preferential-procurement impact on their B-BBEE scorecards. We work with corporates to create SD programmes that speak directly to their business needs. We help to devise long-term strategies to create meaningful transformation in corporate supply chains allowing them to:

  • Identify businesses with the potential to be included in supply chains, and groom them for supply chain partnerships
  • Increase the number and quality of existing and potential new black-owned suppliers.
Corporate Solutions

Socio-economic development (SED)

Arize creates corporate SED programmes that comply with the B-BBEE scorecard and align with business strategies. These can be designed as feeder programmes for enterprise and supplier development (ESD) initiatives. Our flagship programme is Pitch & Polish.

Corporate Solutions

Preferential procurement

By aligning with your ESD strategy, we support the growth of your current suppliers and build new EME and QSE suppliers that align with your current and future supply chain requirements.

Corporate Solutions

Corporate venturing

Raizcorp Arize works with corporate companies to identify and develop potential investee companies that support their corporate strategies.

Corporate Solutions

Social labour plans (SLP)

We work with mining companies to design and implement SLP elements. Our SLP programmes are designed to ensure that all Department of Mineral Resources requirements are met, and that there are comprehensive paper trails and proof. We can also coordinate SLPs with ESD requirements.

Corporate Solutions

Renewable Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPP)

Arize has supported a number of IPPs to meet the REIPPP standards for economic transformation and corporate social investment. We can develop local businesses, promote entrepreneurship within communities, find potential local suppliers and prepare them to join supply chains, and evaluate businesses to identify those most suitable for funding.

Corporate Solutions

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)

ESG standards govern how organisations manage their relationships with nature and the environment and employees, suppliers, customers and local communities. We can align programme objectives and entrepreneur sourcing to align with your company values.

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