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Psychology of closing – 28 November 2024

Psychology of closing

Explore the different mental framing and actions needed at each step of the sales process before moving on to the nuances of a good closing technique. Various closing techniques are unpacked and compared culminating in a practical presentation and critique.

Psychology of closing – 28 November 2024

Psychology of Sales has 8 Stand-alone workshops, each workshop is booked and paid for separately.

Workshop Details

  • Date: Thursday, 28 November 2024
  • Time: 08:00 to 16:00
  • Cost: R1 999.00 (incl. catering)
  • Venue: Raizcorp Office Sandton, Centex Close, Sandton, 2196
  • Seats: We want this to be a very personal experience so seats are limited to 20 only

Meet Your Facilitator For The Day – Darryl Price

Darryl Price is a highly experienced Raizcorp sales and marketing learning facilitator and business mentor who has walked the entrepreneurial journey himself. 

He has over six years of experience in the entrepreneurial learning space and has worked with over 250 entrepreneurs. Darryl has a BCom in Marketing and a background in retail, hospitality and IT.

His personal approach is that sales is people driven – it is about more than just making money, it is also about solving a problem for your customers. 

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More About the Psychology of Sales Series

Sales professionals can always benefit from reviewing, fine-tuning and learning new skills in sales. The Psychology of Sales series has been developed to help you rediscover concepts, reframe and relook at techniques and also introduce you to new approaches that will help you redefine your current approach to sales. Sales are the lifeblood of every business. Are you and your team equipped enough to make the sale?

8 Standalone Workshops in the Psychology of Sales series

The workshops are standalone and can be attended in any order and independently of one another.

  1. My Relationship with Me – Sell Yourself
  2. My Relationship with Failure
  3. My Relationship with My Product / Service
  4. My Relationship with the Client
  5. The Context in Which We Sell
  6. Qualifying
  7. Psychology of Closing
  8. Solutioning

What is covered across the eight courses?

  • How to leverage your selling strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding your product or service better and the best way to sell it
  • Why it’s important to be credible
  • How to build trust and rapport with your clients
  • Why it’s necessary to set a failure ratio
  • How to be resilient and handle rejection
  • Asking the right questions to motivate your buyers
  • Relationship building

Who are the workshops for?

  • Business owners who want to improve their sales processes and client management
  • Small- to medium-sized business owners who are deliberating on hiring their first salesperson
  • Salespeople who want to further their careers by understanding how others perceive them as salespeople
  • Sales managers who want to give their teams tools to build and maintain strategic client relationships
  • Business owners and salespeople who would like to develop their sales skills and gain confidence in a sales pitching scenario