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Meet Kealeboga Pule of Nungu Diamonds

Hailing originally from Mafikeng, Kealeboga founded Nungu Diamonds after completing a two-year internship with a mentor in the diamond industry. Three years later De Beers invited him to apply for their Diamond Beneficiation Programme powered by Raizcorp. After undergoing the challenging selection process, he was accepted on to the programme. He credits the programme, with its strong emphasis on personal development, for making him more open minded, and less impatient and set in his ways. He has refined how he communicates, and his messaging about his business now reflects what he stands for. He believes that he is a better salesperson because he no longer pretends to be someone else.

“I have experienced significant personal growth and am more comfortable with who I am.”


Read his full story here.

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Maximise your ESD activities

Raizcorp works with you to co-create an ESD strategy that’s right for your company. We help to craft ESD strategies that deliver not only B-BBEE points but also strategic value as we create real – and more importantly – sustainable impact on the entrepreneurs who are supported and scaled through corporate ESD budgets. 

Raizcorp is a 51% black-owned organisation with 20 years of experience in business development support, and a team of 130 people dedicated to serving both our corporate clients and the entrepreneurs we serve.

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Guaranteed results

Raizcorp’s programmes are designed to meet the requirements of the B-BBEE codes, and we make sure all paperwork, proof and compliance documents are in place to ensure that your ESD budget does indeed achieve your B-BBEE points.

We contractually guarantee our results for cohorts of ten or more entrepreneurs.

More success stories

Seshme Holloway

“Raizcorp helped me to take ownership and be bold and confident in what I was selling.”
Seshme Holloway of JRS Solutions

Andile Nqandela

“My turnover has doubled and I have grown my staff from eight to 36”
Andile Nqandela of Brimis Engineering

Ntobeko Pila Mabongo

“My business stand out from the rest.”
Ntobeko Mabongo of Golden Bulb Electrical


“You don’t come on the programme to learn;
you come here to grow!”
Ayesha Hamid Laher of AHL Water

Belinda Mapongwana

“Believe in your why”
Belinda Mapongwana of Mapongwana Attorneys

Kealeboga P Pule

“I am more comfortable with who I am”
Kealeboga Pule of Nungu Diamonds