Senior & FET Phase EMS / Economics / Accounting Educator

What are we looking for?
We cannot create tomorrow’s leaders without the help of successful educators. Radley Private School is looking for a passionate EMS / Economics / Accounting educator who lives the spirit of Radley by tirelessly nurturing individual entrepreneurs (which is what we call learners within our private-education context).

What does an EMS / Economics / Accounting Guide do?
The educator role at Radley demands more than what is expected of the traditional classroom teacher, which is why we use the term “guide”. A Radley guide provides quality education that infuses critical skills (emotional, technical and experiential in nature) into the content of their subject, in other words, skills that are required of entrepreneurs facing real-world challenges and obstacles.

Do I need to be an experienced entrepreneur?
No, being an entrepreneur or having experience in running your own business is not a critical requirement of the role. While it may help, we look for a pattern of business understanding or study in areas related to business or entrepreneurship.

Is this consulting work?
No. Guiding is an internationally recognised and unique methodology that is designed to meet the specific nuances of the entrepreneurial journey. You will receive intensive training. Our guides are specialist professionals who subscribe to a high ethical standard that is maintained through continuous professional development.

What kind of person makes a good guide?
An EMS / Economics / Accounting guide is genuinely enthusiastic about the prospect of guiding our entrepreneurs and understands that a Radley education will equip our young entrepreneurs with tangible business and critical life skills and shift them beyond conventional career paths. The Radley guide possesses a firm grasp of and passion for creating entrepreneurial learning experiences that are vibrant, enjoyable and applicable to the future world-of-business that our learners will enter.

The EMS / Economics / Accounting guide is a premium brand ambassador for Radley Private School and Canden Schools and applies the highest level of care in the execution of all functions.

A guide is a highly competent professional and displays a tangible love and flair for entrepreneurship.

What are the minimum requirements I need?

  • An appropriate and recognised four-year teaching degree / diploma from an accredited tertiary institution
  • SACE registration is vital
  • A minimum of three years’ teaching experience in teaching EMS / Economics / Accounting to Senior / FET Phase students
  • A real interest in and passion for entrepreneurship is critical; experience in your own entrepreneurial endeavour is highly advantageous
  • Excellent written and spoken English language ability
  • Familiarity with modern teaching practices including: personalised learning, flipped classroom techniques, differentiated learning, the use of computer technology for research and effective use of group work teaching strategies
  • Computer literacy; you must be proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Own reliable transport with valid driver’s licence