Marketing Coach

What are we looking for?

Raizcorp is looking for a keen and spirited Marketing Coach or Guide who has a flair for entrepreneurship for their Harare, Zimbabwe branch. A Marketing Guide is a marketing guru who has great business acumen and experience, and has a desire to help entrepreneurs navigate and grow their businesses within the marketing realm.

What does a Marketing Guide do?

A Marketing Guide is a marketing specialist who walks an exciting and colourful journey of development with a diverse portfolio of entrepreneurs. The purpose of this role is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and become more proficient in the language of marketing. Our Marketing Guides do not do for our entrepreneurs. Instead, they question, share knowledge, create alternatives, and offer support.

Do I need to be an experienced business coach?

No, Marketing Guides do not need to be a qualified or trained coaches. While it does help, it is not an express requirement. We do look for a pattern of people development throughout your career, which may take various forms.

Is this consulting work?

No. Guiding is an internationally recognised methodology that is designed to the meet the specific nuances of the entrepreneurial journey. As a Marketing Guide, you will receive intensive training. Our Guides are specialist professionals who subscribe to a high ethical standard which is maintained through continuous professional development. Guides are non-prescriptive in their approach and our entrepreneurs remain in the driver seat at all times.

What kind of person makes a good Guide?

A Guide has heart, and a Marketing Guide has a flair for innovation and creativity. As a Guide, it is imperative to genuinely care about the exciting and multi-faceted journey of the entrepreneur. Guides should be free from judgement. You need to be mature in approach and should be able to create a safe space for a diverse range of people. A Guide should be able to hang his or her ego at the door, and should be willing to learn. A Guide shares freely and comfortably.

A Guide is highly competent. A Guide loves and has a tangible passion for entrepreneurship. A Guide is creative and good at finding solutions to a range of complex problems. A Guide is confident in their ability to profoundly affect a business’ bottom line.

What are the minimum requirements I need?

  • A tertiary qualification in Marketing.
  • Entrepreneurial and corporate experience.
  • A minimum of 12 – 15 years’ business experience.
  • Strong communication ability and a proactive attitude.
  • Detailed understanding of small and medium business marketing.