Branch Manager

What are we looking for?
Raizcorp is looking to employ a highly professional and engaged Prosperator (Branch) Manager with a strong background in operations delivery within a service-related industry.

What does a Prosperator (Branch) Manager do?
A Raizcorp Prosperator Manager is a caring leader who lives the spirit of Raizcorp by tirelessly serving the entrepreneurs on our programmes. You would be expected to apply the highest level of care in ensuring that all Raizcorp processes, systems and values are honoured and meticulously executed at all times. A Prosperator Manager is proactively engaged in the betterment of all Raizcorp Prosperators or branches – their growth, quality of delivery and reputation for excellence.

The Prosperator Manager is responsible for the end-to-end project management of all delivery projects nationally, working closely with the Head of Selection, Delivery and Efficacy (HSDE), and proactively engaging in all projects to drive superior delivery, while ensuring the smooth and uniform functioning of all delivery projects at all times.

What experience is preferred?
You need a stable track record and background, as well as five to ten years of experience in operational management and service-level agreements along with a minimum of five years of experience in national delivery to various branches. Experience in managing diverse teams is a non-negotiable. You must understand the nuances and demands of running various services, programmes and projects with strong client demands. Good understanding of systems (MS Office and in-house systems) will be beneficial. A strong detail focus with solid administrative skill is essential. Experience reporting on data and metrics is extremely important.

What kind of personality will excel in this role?
You need to be the kind of person who takes huge personal pride in the work you do. You need to have a genuine love and care for people. You need to believe, intrinsically, in treating people with respect and dignity. Beyond that, you need to be resilient and be able to deal with difficult personalities and be assertive in your demeanour. The work we do is in service of others. This means it will be very demanding at times – in terms of effort, hours worked and care and attention given to Raizcorp projects. You need to be the type of person who sees the bigger picture and who loves working to a larger purpose. It’s like being a nurse in a hospital (metaphorically speaking of course) … You will take care of people in ways others won’t. It often goes unrecognised and the doctor walks away with the glory – but you’re a vital resource and the patients desperately need your best possible care.  If this scares you, this is not the job for you.

What are the minimum requirements?

  • A tertiary level qualification, preferable in a commerce-related field of study
  • Minimum of five to ten years’ experience in operational management and service-level agreements
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in national delivery to various branches (experience in distribution of information and resources from head office to branch is paramount)
  • Minimum of five to ten years’ experience in leading diverse teams (leadership mindset)
  • Strong experience in group facilitation and boardroom presentations
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project)
  • Proven ability to work with detailed data analysis and metrics
  • Proven ability to learn vast quantities of material in a short period of time
  • Own vehicle with valid driver’s licence non-negotiable

Desired skills

  • High emotional intelligence with a real passion for developing people
  • Strong deadline driven / driver personality
  • Creative and strategic ability in developing solutions for delivery issues
  • Self-motivated and organised
  • Exceptional communicator with the ability to create strong, cohesive teams
  • Tenacious with the ability to drive core business behaviours
  • Systematic approach to work
  • Proactive team player
  • Ability to manage under pressure
  • Flexible
  • Strong emotional maturity and ability to take ownership and accountability
  • Ability to take constructive criticism and take corrective action to make improvements
  • Able to travel nationally and internationally