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Building a financially sustainable incubator

Building a financially sustainable incubator

Allon Raiz, founder and CEO of leading South African incubator Raizcorp, is hosting an intensive two-day workshop in Johannesburg on the critical components and structures needed to build a sustainable business incubator or accelerator.

Globally, most incubators are dependent on singular or restricted sources of funding, usually through DFIs or academia. This workshop will help you design an incubator or accelerator model that offers value to multiple markets which would be prepared to pay for its services.

Over the course of two days, Allon will share valuable information from his 23 years of experience in building more than 15 incubators, imparting notable lessons along with mistakes that incubators make when designing their business models.

Who should attend?

  • Incubator owners
  • Incubator managers
  • DFI managers responsible for incubation initiatives
Only 20 delegates can be accommodated.

What does the workshop cover?

  • Incubator infrastructure design
  • Developing your value propositions
  • Ideal entrepreneurial programme design
  • Understanding who would pay for your services
  • Best practice in incubation management
  • Reporting

This will also be a great opportunity for you to learn from your peers in the African incubation ecosystem regarding what is and isn’t working in their context.

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