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Raizcorp would love to work with you in co-creating an ESD strategy that is right for your company. We have worked with over 100 blue-chip companies to craft ESD strategies that deliver not only B-BBEE points but also strategic value as we create real – and more importantly – sustainable impact on the entrepreneurs who are supported and scaled through corporate ESD budgets.

We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you and, as a first step, would like to arrange a visit to your business by one of our highly trained solutions architects.

We are a 51% black-owned organisation with almost 20 years of experience, and a team of 130 people dedicated to serving both our clients and the entrepreneurial companies we develop.

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What we offer

Our range of highly-effective and targeted enterprise development and supplier development programmes is tailored to your strategic objectives. The programmes guarantee that you’ll meet your B-BBEE requirements and achieve your points in a sustainable manner, while also ensuring that your suppliers and potential suppliers experience a real impact in terms of growth and profitability.

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Our philosophy

Although Raizcorp resists the term “social enterprise” it has often been described as one owing to its philosophical approach to all new business. Raizcorp will not pursue any new opportunities unless the two criteria below are satisfied:

Business incubator enterprise development programmes, supplier development programmes

Our purpose is to support and develop high-potential entrepreneurs and those within the entrepreneurial ecosystem to become sustainable and highly profitable. We will not pursue any potential new business that does not provide the opportunity for creating genuine impact. Impact could mean sustainability of the business, it could mean increased employment, it could mean improved skills, or it could mean improved profitability.

It is our strong philosophical belief is that only for-profit organisations can authentically support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial businesses to become profitable. Raizcorp is therefore a proudly for-profit organisation and we pursue only those opportunities that are able to generate sustainable profit in the medium to long run. One hundred per cent of the profit we generate is reinvested into growing the business so that we can sustainably create an increasing amount of impact in the world.

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