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Get into business for yourself, not by yourself!

Old Mutual, one of the largest well-established financial service providers in South Africa, understands the importance of developing small businesses – and entrepreneurs – in South Africa, especially when the job growth rate in South Africa is dismally low.

Old Mutual has been providing financial shelter and nourishment to people and businesses for over 160 years, and in an effort to continue to serve all sectors of the South African economy, they have partnered with Raizcorp – Africa’s only unfunded for-profit incubator – to promote entrepreneurship as a career, and provide entrepreneurs in Gauteng, who are interested in owning their own franchises, with a unique business opportunity.

“Old Mutual is committed to doing great things! A focal point for us is creating new opportunities for young entrepreneurs to join the financial services industry. Raizcorp has an excellent track record with cultivating great entrepreneurs, and we believe that partnering with them will enhance our ability to develop sustainable businesses going forward,” said Farhad Sader, General Manager: Agency Franchise Distribution of Old Mutual.

Together with Raizcorp’s assistance and expertise, Old Mutual has designed a 6-month programme for entrepreneurs that will equip them with all of the necessary skills they need to run their own successful franchises. Entrepreneurs who join the programme will have access to Council on Higher Education-accredited Learning presented by Raizcorp, and will be assigned business coaches in the fields of strategy and sales. The business coaches are experts in their respective fields and will provide only the best advice and support to entrepreneurs along their entrepreneurial journey.

As franchise owners, entrepreneurs will manage and oversee the sale of Old Mutual’s products to the public. Franchise owners can look forward to ongoing training and business support; financial planning and advice tools; operating under the Old Mutual Financial Service Provider License; competitive and comprehensive product ranges; compliance support; and marketing and sales support. An added advantage of becoming an Old Mutual franchise owner is that there aren’t any set up costs required for opening a new franchise. This will allow entrepreneurs to focus solely on building their business and doing what they do best, instead of having to worry about start-up costs.

Each franchise, and entrepreneur, is backed completely by Old Mutual and Raizcorp, which have both firmly established themselves as credible brands and market leaders in South Africa. Entrepreneurs will continue to have access to product and operational training, as well as support, even after their franchises are up and running.

“Raizcorp is proud to have partnered with Old Mutual, who for years has actively been promoting the development of small businesses in South Africa. Together we have developed a programme that will not only support and develop entrepreneurs who want to become franchise owners, but will also equip them with everything they need to ensure that their businesses thrive,” said Allon Raiz, CEO of Raizcorp.

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