Accelerating Success

Why Raizcorp?

We Integrate Your Strategies

The success of a local economic development programme lies at the intersection of 3 fundamental considerations: the strategic objectives of the programme, the budget for its implementation, and the practicability of the interventions in terms of facilities, infrastructure, human resource requirements, etc. We work with your organisation to ensure that the programmes we design and implement with you, or on behalf of you, meet your strategic objectives and budget.

We Provide Business Incubation Services

We are regarded as the Gold Standard in business incubation, and we’ll work with your organisation to set up an incubator or network of incubators that are designed specifically for the local context.

We Design and Implement Entrepreneurial Programmes

We’ll work with your organisation to develop entrepreneurial development programmes for specific sectors, such as youth, women, ICT, rural, or as required.

We Provide Local Community Development Programmes for the Extractive Industry

Mining, oil, and gas companies may engage us to develop local community development programmes aimed at building up local supply chains and local beneficiation. We’ve worked with the likes of BHP Billiton, Impala Platinum, PETRONAS, Shell, and Chevron, amongst others.

We Provide Comprehensive Measurements and Reporting

Without proper measurements, you can’t gauge the impact of your Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDP). Each of our EDPs is developed uniquely for your organisation, and is rigorously measured and reported on to ensure that you are always able to monitor the high impact that your investment in entrepreneurial development is making on the ground.

We’ve Been Doing This for over a Decade

We have over a decade’s experience behind our name when it comes to accelerating success. We started out in 2000 as a business incubator, and have since firmly differentiated ourselves as Africa’s only sustainable business Prosperator™. Drawing on the best practices of business incubator models worldwide, we have pioneered Prosperation™ – our own unique, world-renowned model of business incubation.

We’re Internationally Recognised

Trusting another business with your Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) requirements can be a disconcerting task. The combination of over a decade’s experience of business incubation and ProsperationTM; adherence to the highest levels of quality (we are the only incubator on the African continent to be awarded as a Centre of Excellence by the UK Government’s Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative – SFEDI); learning programmes approved by the Council on Higher Education (CHE); and the learnings gleaned from rolling out and operating one Prosperator™ after the next, has made us the Gold Standard in business incubation globally.

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