Accelerating Success

Entrepreneurial Programmes

Business Guidance

Each of our entrepreneurs receives a team of entrepreneurial Guides who will be “mentors” on strategy, finance, marketing, sales, and personal development. Our Guides are regarded as the crème da le crème of business “mentors”. They are highly trained, highly selected, and full time, ensuring that you receive a high quality experience and interaction that will help move your business to the next level.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Successful entrepreneurs are lifelong learners, and are obsessed with obtaining information and skills that will unlock their entrepreneurial potential. We provide an approved and highly recognised practical learning curriculum for both you and your staff. The curriculum includes subjects such as entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, finance, and personal development – ensuring you have every opportunity to supplement your gaps and areas for growth.

Access to Infrastructure

Business infrastructure is expensive and often not ideally located. As part of the programme, you’ll have access to rooms, boardrooms, IT and front-desk infrastructure, or even use our hot-desking facilities. You’ll also be able to rent offices on a month-to-month basis. The true benefit of using our infrastructure is that your clients and potential clients will interact with you in a professional context, and thus view you in a professional light.

Back Office Support

Small businesses need certain staff resources to grow, but aren’t able to afford them or don’t fully utilise their services to make it cost effective to employ them full time. In many cases, a small business will then do without a bookkeeper or receptionist, which can have a negative impact on their business. As part of the programme, we’ll provide you with access to our professional staff, such as a receptionist, bookkeeper, and hospitality hostesses etc., who are always ready to assist you in any way possible.

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